Aaron A. Rich

MailChimp Marketing

Project Role
Art Direction
David Sizemore
Jane Song & Jason Travis
This is a collection of a few various marketing pages that I built out for the MailChimp marketing website. While each of these pages has a unique objective, the design and development focus was on consistency with using our new pattern library (iconography, colors, and layout) that was launched in 2013.

Built with:
Middleman, HAML, SCSS, PHP, and JavaScript
Screenshot of the MailChimp Automation website

MailChimp Automation

This landing page was built for our initial roll-out of our email automation features. The page had a few interactive elements to it, with this particular element being used to display some of the various automation recipes as you rolled over their description.

Screenshot of an interaction on the MailChimp Automation website

MailChimp Research

This page was built to showcase several stats, charts, articles, and research guides put out by our Customer Research team. Using PHP, I created a loop that pulled in recent articles with certain tags from our main WordPress blog.

Screenshot of the MailChimp Research website

Press Resources

This landing page was built to showcase some of the most recent and renowned press MailChimp had received. It also contains a running list of recent annual reports and all press releases since 2010.

Screenshot of the MailChimp Press Resources website